This blog will be about my experiences, adventures, medical treatments, and life with Crohn’s Disease. I want to share my outlook and reality with Crohn’s disease. I intend to share it all the nice and the “gutwrenchingtruth” that some would be embarressed to share. My hopes are that people will learn from knowledge and I can learn from other as well. If nothing else, maybe the readers will just get a good laugh! 🙂

Background on my story: I was diagnosed at age 16 and I am 28 now. I have been on the typical “formula” of drugs: pentasa, 6-MP, prednisone and tried remicade. It was a not a good mix for me, I had surgery in 2008 to get 2 ft of my colon removed. After 45 days in the hospital after surgery, (got MRSA), yuck! i was sent home after that was resolved.

It was a tolerant roaduntil 2013- then FLARE-up again! This time with fierce symptoms- running to the bathroom, extreme joint pain, and erythma nodules! Not to mention lack of appetite and depression. How can I continue working? If I cant work, how will I pay for my bills?! Luckily, I had a reasonable employer that was willing to work with me! I was very blessed to say the least. Did I metion the fatigue! I could barely leave the couch to go work. And after work, I was on the couch.

Let’s fast forward to now– the new list of medications is: Humira weekly, paxil, predinsone! (and weaning every 2 weeks) and 6-MP (75 mg). I would say, its my condition is stabilized but still dealing with some issues. Erythma nodules still exist, I have a rash in a not so friendly place that has got Drs at this time stumped, and the occasionally poop cramps. The good news: the fatigue is finally starting to go away and i am starting to feel more energized. However, I am attempting to eat better and begin a workout routine again. It’s been over a year since I have worked out as my body just couldnt handle it. Slow and steady. I intend to share my journey at the gym and any new recipes that are healthy (giving credit to the maker of the recipes of course) and how they make me feel afterwards.

Thanks for reading! 🙂