This year is the first year in a long time I have made resolutions. I want to share them with the world to hold myself accountable for them. Some or them are related to Crohn’s diesase and some of them aren’t.

1. Develop healthy eating patterns. There are so many “diets” out there its all so overwhelming. Paleo, eating clean, scd, etc. However, every person with Crohn’s disease is different. Paleo diet is intense to jump into. Well any diet is intense to jump into. SoI need this to be a gradual transitions so that it become a lifestyle change. Permanent.

2. Along the lines of Rule #1- No more soda. Again, a gradual process as i tend to rely on it or turn to it for comfort when I am stressed! Not a good idea. (The good news: I have already decreased soda intake from 3 a day – in december, to one here and there through out the week. Goal in progress. )

3. Exercises regularly. I dont mean become a gym rat and exercise until my legs fall off. I mean exerise 3-4 times a week. I already started a gym membership 2 weeks ago. I am currently fighting a cold, but made it to the gym for a workout yesterday. No excuses.

4. Run a 5k. I havent ran a 5k in over 2 years. I was currently training for a 5k at a stellar pace for myself in May 2012, but then I flared up and my training went to shit. Yep- at 26 I shit my pants while running. Luckily noone was around to witness my horror. The good news: things did get better. I was able to run a mile last weeks without any accidents! A huge success in my book! Score!

5. pay those pesky medical bills off. With flaring up, comes lots of medical visits to ER, GI, ER again, GI several times. It adds up. I won’t go into a tangent here about what  I think or feel about the health care system.

Cheers to making this year sucessful, healthy, and fun! 🙂

Thanks for reading! 🙂