I was watching Rachael Ray show the other day and a viewer asked about a way to decrease bloating and farting. She suggested ginger or fennel seed. I put it to the test. Positive results: I have been using the fennel seed about 1TBSP with meat and i feel much better less bloating and def less farting (my co-workers, patients, family, and friends thank you Rachael Ray for your sound advice!I much say I have used the fennel seed more than than the ginger, but have used both. Now as a Crohnie, if you are worried about OMG you are using seeds. Worry no more, get a salt or pepper grinder (about 8 dollars at walmart) and BAM! issue averted! yay! 🙂 Even if you dont have Crohn’s disease, UC, or IBS- i believe these two things will work for you as well! Happy eating!

Thanks for reading! 🙂