In order to understand my health now, it’s important to reflect upon the last year. The last year consisted of flare-ups, rheumatoid arthritis pain, rashes, stomach pain, FATIGUE, erythma nodules (red bumps that are inflammation of fat cells), joint swelling, and hair thining. Sounds fun, huh?!?! Here are a couple of pictures from the past year.

rashswelling     red bumps

I then started Humira which took a few weeks to kick in, 6-mp, and am weaning off of prednisone for the second time. My symptoms are not as severe now, but I am by no means in remission either. My major symptoms now include erythma nodules, some fatigue, joint pain, and random flares. I will add anxiety and depression too as they have become an ongoing presence in my life in the past year. I am on Paxil for it and it helps, but I still think I could feel slightly better.

Below are 2 pictures of what the nodules are looking like now:


Needless to say, I think I am at the max of where medical management can take me. I beleive that medicine has brought me this far, but its not up to me to change what I am putting in my body.

For the most part I eat heart healthy following my dad’s diet. However, I will eat what I want to eat an suffer later. I have been more aware of what I am eating lately but I know its time for a lifestyle change. I need to hold myself accountable for what I eat. An example of why I cant eat the sugary stuff or anything I want to anymore is today, I had a sucker/lollipop. 20 minutes later my face felt flush, my body temperature was rising, and I was feeling lethargic.

I am going to try the Paleo diet – AIP (autoimmune protocol) but I need to do some reasearch first before I begin. I have the book, The Paleo Approach, and am excited to read it and learn more. But at the same time, I have a lot of anxiety about this lifestyle change. I think more about how hard it will be to maintain it while my friends eat pizza, cookies, and suckers. But my body will thank me later.

Any encouraging words/advice about Paleo will be appreciated! Thanks for reading! 🙂

I will continue to document my journey as my body begins to heal.