My best friend’s boss is about self-care. Upon the first weeks of her starting job, (her first one with her degree!) she explained to her the importance of self-care and she passed this knowledge on to me. Now I share this with you. Self-care is not in reference to activities of daily living including hygiene, eating, etc. Self-care refers to making sure that you take care of yourself emotionally and physically. Doing something for YOURSELF! Yep, you! Make sure you get your ME TIME!

Her boss went on to say that if your not your “best” self, then how are you going to give 100% to your job. This is important when you are dealing with clients. In fact it can refer to any job, really. As a perfectionist myself, I want to do my best at my job! Giving my best at all times, but I knew that emotionally I wasn’t at my peak. I suffer from anxiety and get stressed out a lot. I worry a lot also.

On my 28th birthday, I decieded to jump into self-care. I decided that I would make no excuses (money, time, etc) and follow tho. I signed up for a monthly massage as self-care. It has helped me de-stress emensely. I take that time not only to relax but to think of nothing but what’s going on at the moment. Well, I try (my thoughts often wonder and I have to remind myself to not think too much).

The odd part, or maybe not so odd, is that upon intial visit I was asked on a survey of areas I would not liked massage. Stomach was one of them. I said that I WOULD like my stomach massaged as I have Crohn’s disease and I thought maybe it would help with digestion, blood flow, or easing pain. But noone offers it there. So why ask then? I still think I would like to find a certified massage therapist with a speciality in autoimmune diesase and try it once.

Overall, don’t forget your self-care. No excuses! 🙂

Thanks for reading!