I live with my parents currently at 28 years old, but its very taxing for me to work full time take care of an apartment, two dogs, and cook for myself. (While also trying to manage my bills and medical bills :/)

Applesauce is my enemy

I think after starting Humira I lost my sense of smell (Good for me, not for others :p )

When sharing a bathroom with my friends in high school, we refer to the noticable need to use the bathroom as the “poop dance”

After a colonoscopy and being COMPLETELY out of it, I asked my mom to wipe me (When in reality,  I want that to be the end of the road for me- I never want someone to wipe me.)

I’ve asked doctors what they are doing during when waking up at the end of a colonoscopy and also told them they need to maybe look again bc I dont think they are done

I wipe mutliple times

TP is #1 on my list of things I cant live without, followed by underwear

I dont wear shorts often because of the red bumps on my legs (erythema nodules)

I will never wear white due to fear of accidents

When its super cold my joints hurt and when its super hot my joints hurt

I go to bed before 9 most nights

When I am sick I can sleep the day away

I struggle to complete a regular workout at the gym, like everyone else

I used to fart a lot- now I use ginger or fennel seed to decrease farting lol,

I have had an accident in public while running, however, I was near my home and I think noone saw it ( I moved so if they did oh well, lol)

I have increased anxiety and finally decided to take medication for it this past year (best decision ever! I feel more like myself again)

I have no perception of what “normal” is or what it’s like

I am a Crohnie and not afraid to share it.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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