typical day

I wake in the morning. Depending on how cold it is, I have slept with a heating pad on my hips due to joint pain. Or if there was stomach discomfort, the heating pad was on my stomach. The heating pad has become a best friend!

I get dressed, then eat breakfast and take my pills (6-MP 75mg, 5 g of prednisone currently, and paxil). I absolutely dislike cutting prednisone and 6-MP in half with the pill cutter. They fall apart still and I get a funny taste in my mouth ;p yuck! Before I leave for work, I hope I have had success in the bathroom and I dont get a sneak attack or rush to the bathroom upon arrival to work. (poor ventilation in the bathroom causes a lot of stink! lol)

My stomach currently is unsettled when I arrive to work. I usually use a soda or pop (depending on what you call it where you live ;p) to calm my body I know its completely in my head! I am working on it!  I now suspect after reading the Paleo appoach ( I am on Chapter 2) that my current breakfast of choice, Raisen Nut Bran, is probably the culprit of not feeling 100% in the morning. That is going to be a tough, tough thing to give up! I love that cereal!

Work generally goes smoothly with some stomach cramping that I work through and bathroom breaks as needed. The more I think about it, its not so smooth. As the day goes on, I am constantly finding ways to sit down. My profession causes me to contstantly be moving. I sit for fatigue and sit to avoid the “oh shit moments” that,when it happens, can be read on my face. (Side note: spare clothes are packed in my car for emergencies.) Although, I will say bowel movements have been more solid and those unpleasant moments decreased. However, it does take me longer in the bathroom/loo.(I like calling the bathroom a loo vs bathroom, its way more fun!) My body is re-learning to use the appropriate muscle to have a bowel movement again. Unlike, poop rushing out of me like it did in the past. Anyways, I usually still have to go after lunch. Luckily, I have an hr for lunch so I have time to go! Hooray for that!

By the time I get home, I am spent tho! If I sit on the couch, I am done for! I am still trying to figure out how I am going to work in going to the gym for a light workout after work, eventually. I have mastered my mind tricks for that yet, the couch still sounds so much better. I am working on it.

I used to take naps after work or go to bed after dinner, but I am gaining more energy to stay awake at least until 8 pm! I know my body is making progress and I am excited for the changes to come!

The last thing I do before bed is pray. I dont pray any conventional prayer. I thank God for what he provided me today and things I appreciate. I thank him for the health I do have as I have been in a much worse place and other suffer more severely than I do. This provides me great peace at night to rest soundly, providing any of my rashes dont itch. That’s the truth!

Stay positive and take each day at a time!

Thanks for reading! 🙂