bathroom stall

Some people fear pooping in public places. But as a crohnie we have no choice. We know where every bathroom is, the clean one’s and the “emergency” one’s. The thing that bother me most is how adults react to the smell of poop. (Now my smell is dimished, but if I had a full sense of smell I would not act overreact at the expense of others). What I mean is , your doing the buisness and most likely in pain, and someone walks in and announces to the entire bathroom, “EWE it stinks in here!” as if when the time comes for them to poop, it smells miraculously better and I should be honored to smell it. No thanks. BUT, I would love to be a bi-stander to let them know just exactly what I think of their smell and it won’t be ROSES. I may be more sensitive some days more than others. However, as adult there is a thing called curitosy and sensorship.  Keep your comments to yourself and just get out of the bathroom as soon as possible. I am not stinking the bathroom up on purpose! And everyone poops! soo, pfffff to you! 🙂

I was on vacation in San Diego last year and I was going to the bathroom,  and a lady made a HUGE commotion, she was yelling for 5 minutes how bad it smelt and to please do a flush to SAVE the others in the bathroom. (I already had prior to her entrance. But now was not doing another.) I am pretty sure she won’t die from smelling my poop. My family and friends survived the past 12 years, she can last the 8 minutes she will be in the bathroom. But in the event she thought  she was going to die, her legs worked, leave the bathroom then and SAVE yourself.  🙂

I state my thoughts and opinons on this because my preference is to use a bathroom with more than one stall because I dont like to be rushed. I hate the fact that someone would be outside constantly knocking. In multiple stalls, I can take my time so i dont have to do the stand up, flush, turn around and sit again because I am still in pain and its not all out yet.

In another respect, I have no issues with Children who comment on the smell. They have not learned to sensor themselves yet. Children also let it go and move on. Kid: “Mommy someone pooped in here” Mom: “Yes, Honey” Kid: “what are we gonna eat for lunch?”

I needed to share my rant. It’s been bugging me the past few days.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Please feel free to comment the unsensored comments you have heard! 🙂