health insurance


Growing up, I was used to be being on parent’s health insurance plan. Rewind a bit, I was blessed my mom decided that we needed a family health insurance plan or we could have had a disaster on our hands. But moving forward, going through the typical medical procedures for Crohn’s and hospital stays and having health insurance, A GOOD HEALTH INSURANCE, my mom was only responsible for paying for co-pay. That was managable. i thought all health insurance plans were that way. I didn’t understand decuctibles, an premiums, and all that other jargon. So when I entered the working world after college and was past the age of 25/26 and no longer eligible to be on parents plan, I had to look for a job that offered me a health insurance plan. I naturally jumped at the fact that my first job offered me 100% paid health insurance coverage. I thought I was in the clear!  I learned the hard way. THIS IS A HUGE RED FLAG AND NO-NO FOR THOSE WITH PRE-EXISTING CONDITION. I took the job unkowning thinking that the health insurance offered would bite me in the ass.

I took the best health insurance plan that was offered to me. A year of good health went by. Then a year of flare-ups. My deductible was crazy, 1,500 or something like that. Unfortunately for me, my sickness ended at the wrong time between the lapses of the plans between enrollments. YAY me. Practically nothing was covered by this plan. It covered like maybe 5% of medical costs, co-pays were high, and my stress level is through the roof. I have 3 grand in medical debt and it’s growing. I started paying it off then I was unable to continue payment due a period of growing student loan debt due to loss of job. THE debt collectors care less that you are sick and can’t pay them. They don’t care that the reason you have the existing medical debt is the reason you can’t pay them back. They call me every day, or 5 times a day on Friday- probably depending on who at the debt company is in charge of my case that week. Regardless, the last guy I talked to would not accept a minimal payment and told me to call back when I could pay in full. HAHAHA- then I won’t be calling back. EVER. Unfortunately, I want these nagging phones calls and my stress to go away, so I will pay it back when I can.

I just started a new per-diem job to help pay for these bills specifically. But its draining to work, 6-7 days away. But that will be my life for now. You may think, well can my parent’s help me pay these bills? No, they can’t or they would. As a family, we are not in a place where we can manage them. Each of my parents has an autoimmune disease, my dad has a heart condition, my mom lost her job and can only find part-time work. We are just trying to keep our heads above water in this world right now.

SO I urge you, if you are starting a new career, please be sure you UNDERSTAND health insurance and the benefits before taking a job. Don’t fall into this situation.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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