So I promised honestly and blunt truth. My most annoying symptom is what appears to be a wound on my bottom (that appears to be getting worse). I have tried the usual things for diaper rash etc and no resolution. I have also been on cipro and flaygl for this and I guess my butt still hates me, lol.  I have had it for over a year now. I have went to a dermatologist who diagnosed it as intertrigo and prescribed a low dose steroid and antifungal. That didn’t work. The GI specialist says, don’t let the dermatologist mess with that. It might be a fistula. I saw a colon rectal surgeon and its been diagnosed as not a fistula. It’s raw, red, raised skin. It doesn’t hurt tho. So there’s my silver lining, if you can say there is one. But, there is drainage and that frustrating. Extremely frustrating.


frustration 3
I think the GI is hoping that the 6 MP and Humira would start to resolve this issue by now. He keeps changing the dose of the 6MP. But its still there. It is still the same annoying wound. I have to wear a pad with my underwear at all times or it will soak through to my pants. I yearn for the day I can wear JUST UNDERWEAR again. I plan to have an underwear party with my friends on that day. No lie!

However, I think part of the issue is moisture even with using a pad. So I have started using non-stick adhesives thanks to reading the blog: I love you but please don’t touch me…. She has great ideas for wound care. Please check it out if you haven’t already.

Despite all of this, I will not give up. I am determined to find a solution for this wound because its more than butt rash. I won’t let this wound dictate what I wear. I put on a dress and leggins today for the first time in a while. I won’t let crohn’s win.

One day at a time. Thanks for reading. 🙂