So today I am at the grocery store looking for individually wrapped butt wipes to use at work, so I don’t have to carry the large package with me. So I am looking around and I find them. SCORE! But before I can grab them or look for more options, a store employee of the opposite gender is walking really fast down the aisle announcing that “he really does like the store remodel” and he looks my direction. I am standing in the tampon aisle because that’s where the wipes are, right next to the tampons. (A popular place for males the more and more I shop in this aisle, the more and more I find them “lurking”- it should be a women’s only aisle lol)  Am I suppose to agree and have an awkward conversation in the tampon aisle??? He was looking for a conversation, that I wasn’t willing to have while looking for butt wipes. A conversation that would end   “Oh by the way, I hope better not leave without these!” or “i really need to get going” and grab the wipes and run. lol. I practically ran from the aisle and I will go back another day.

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*photo compliments of google search