“Everything happens for a reason” and here’s why….

I met B* about a year after the break-up with my first love. Ironically, we bonded over the fact that if we were on dessert island toilet paper would be on the top 3 items to have there too. That should of been my first sign we were destine to meet. B was the first person, I invested my time into with the intent to keep around for a while after my first love. In harsh terms, he was my rebound. But I was also his too- also to his first love. Regardless, fate brought us togetherbut not for love. Yes, we dated for a little bit but that didn’t last very long. However, for whatever reason we remained in contact. He broke my rule of not talking to ex’s after the break-up and I couldn’t ever figure out why I allowed him to stay a part of my life.

I figured out why fate brought us together last year when he called me and said that he had been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. A lot of things began to make sense to me at that moment. But how could I, someone with Crohn’s disease, miss the symptoms that were right in front on me? Probably because I was busy hiding my own. But all the times, he called to cancel plans because he was sick made sense. I thought his sick wasn’t like my sick and he was using it as an excuse to break plans. But the truth was that his sick was my sick.

He needed my support more than ever. Someone to bring him to reality when he repeatedly eats something stupid. Someone to give him support on what medicines to try. Someone to talk to after doctors appointments. Someone who can relate to what he’s going through. B didn’t have a great support system at home like I did. I wasn’t only support to him because he was support to me as well. He was the first person I knew my age with Crohn’s as well.

But as of last week after seeing a new doctor, B has more complications to his diagnosis: Primary sclerosing cholangitis. Something I can’t give him advice on what may happen to him. All I can do, is act like his “mom” and make sure he takes his medicine and tries to eat right, and be there to listen. Because that is what friends are for. B and I were meant to be friends. The kind that vent when we are flaring, remind each other of appointments, yell at each other then a week later talk again, and help each other through the tough times. As much as he gets under my skin at times, I will always be there for him when he needs help.

Thanks for reading! 🙂