Eat. I have slowly been converting to the AIP Paleo approach. The largest step that I have taken to date is to eliminate bread from my diet and working on eliminating gluten. With that said, just the elimination of bread has made me feel like I have more energy. But its been a bumpy road the past few weeks (switching insurance and dealing with over the phone pharmacies messing around like Humira isn’t my life line. So I was trying to push through the past few weeks and when stressed I revert back to old comforts – SODA!) Anyways, I am also trying to get my mom to jump on board the Paleo diet with me. She is having thyroid issues in which no doctor wants to diagnosis at the moment. But the lump I see when she swallows is huge. It’s been a slow process tho but we are getting there to make lasting results. (I want to fully understand the science behind the AIP Paleo before diving in. Also, I think my body will go into shock and I will not follow it if I do it cold turkey. I am almost through reading Chapter 2 of The Paleo Approach– what an amazing book! )

Pray. I thank God for the good health that I do have knowing that I could have it much worse. I thank him for the patience I have with trying to stay sane when my body wants to fall apart. I thank him for patience in wanting to find a cure to the rash that I have had for almost 2 years and the doctors have not found an answer to it yet. I thank him for the day I got to experience no matter how eventful or uneventful it was.

Live. I fight exhaustion after working a full day at work to come home and want to do anything other than melt into my couch. The weekends are spent watching movies… on the couch. I do love watching movies- especially in winter.  I chose to give up alcohol for the most part. At least while I am getting my eating habits under control. Bars are out. I fight depression and getting out and spending time with friends. I would rather spend time with my couch. But I am working on fighting through and making plans for upcoming weekends without going overboard. I am planning on attending concerts with my best friend in the summer … even on a work night! Blasphemy! Normal to the average person… but I am far from average. I am a Crohnie. I am sacrificing sleep for good health to have a memorable night with my best friend! Priceless. I need more of those nights. My couch is not providing memories I will remember, lol. On my good days, I need to make the most of them and save the bad days for the couch! Cheers to making that transition!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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