I don’t know if this happens to anyone else with Crohn’s disease, IBD, or ulcerative colitis…but it seems like anytime there is a spring break or any type of break or vacation coming up I always end up sick. And usually, I end up in the ER the first day or sometime during. This Spring Break was no exception.

Saturday night I was in the ER for severe abdominal pain. I thought to myself here we go another obstruction and the entire Spring Break will be stuck in the hospital! And with my favorite friend the NG TUBE!!!! Ugh! But fortunately for me, no obstruction or blockage was found in the CT scan, just inflammation! Very random and it came out of nowhere. I have many guesses at the cause of said inflammation tho:

1. possibly the tuna sandwich on wheat bread I had. I hadn’t eaten wheat bread in over a month or so, because I was beginning Paleo diet and I felt much better without it. But I caved, because I was already feeling something brewing inside and I was so tired I wanted something quick so I could take a nap before going to game night. BUT I ended up missing that ending up at the hospital instead.

2. Possibly stress. Work has been stressful. I feel as if I have been overworking myself.

3. Excitement of break. It seems that I get so excited for down time that when my body relaxes, so to speak, I get sick. My body takes the opportunity to get better and I then realize the stress that my body has been going through.

Thankfully, this time I was sent home with pain meds and told to call my doctor ASAP. He prescribed Budesonide. I have been on it before and I agree with that over prednisone which effects the entire body.

So here’s to not letting Crohn’s disease ruin the rest of my spring break! Cheers and thanks for reading! 🙂