I went to see an internal medicine doctor for my perianal rash that has discharge ( I know, gross). But I have been having this issue for over a year and I wish to some return to wearing underwear without a pad or dressing on my rear! I would really like to wear cheekie underwear again and not have my rash playing peek-a-boo.

This doctor examined me head to toe before addressing the wound/rash on my rear. He asked me several questions in which my answer was yes to. Do you have joint pain? yes.ย Do you have fatigue? yep.ย When you do house work do you feel like you hit a wall with your energy and need a nap. YES! Do you notice if your symptoms correspond to your menstrual cycle. yep. Brain fog? Yep.

He thinks he knows what is going on. He mentioned the possibility of another inflammatory issues going on and/or metabolic issues. I need to get a LOT of blood work done including and exercise test. The exercise test involves me getting my blood drawn and then walking for 6 minutes and getting blood drawn again. Other blood work includes a bunch of vitamin and mineral tests as well as metabolic tests.

He also wants me to note how much I am draining or itching and other symptoms over the course of the next3 weeks in relation to my cycle. This will help me with the diagnosis. He noted that if I have what he suspects, he will know how to treat it and symptoms should clear up. But if not, then I need a biopsy to find out what this rash is. He didn’t tell me what he thinks because it may skew my recording of symptoms.

In spite of everything, I feel really hopeful that a positive outcome is finally in the future. So I will keep ya’ll posted. Wishing health and happiness to all my readers.

Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚