So if you have been following my blog you know I have had a rash on my bum for some time now. IF you are a new reader, now you know. I went to my second visit with the internal medicine doctor. The blood work results were not back yet because the lab was dicking around. So the jury is still out on whether I have a metabolic and/or another inflammatory issue going on.

Anyways, he asked about the rash in regards to my menstral cycle. It get better and by that I mean drains and itches less during my period and the week after. He said that tells me its an infection. He said my body is down regulating then. If the rash was due to an inflammatory cause/Crohn’s related it would be worse during that time. Interesting facts to know.

So he prescribed yeast infection cream to start. I have to say I tried it for a week and I don’t think that its caused by a yeast infection. Or at least not solely a yeast infection. I go back next Friday. So hopefully the results of the blood tests will be in and maybe he will do a biopsy to see what’s causing this annoying rash.

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