Today, after doing some house work my joints hurt and a fever spiked but otherwise I felt ok. This weekend was the first weekend in a long time I didn’t feel extremely fatigued. I even had a few beers. Of course, there were repercussion as usual, but it was worth it. I didn’t go crazy with the beers but had just had 4 the entire I was out.

Overall, I am trying to stay positive and push through my symptoms. I am trying to enjoy everyday which I often take for granted. I usually wait for the weekend to do stuff that I enjoy because I am too fatigued or not feeling well during the week. But I am wasting my week. And week after week goes by and then they all start to blend together. In the least, I should have a memory that even if I was feeling like total crap I still laughed my ass off that day. Laughter is enjoying life to me. Laughter brings smiles. And if you can smile, then that day is a good day.

So my advice is, to find something positive about each day and smile. The smallest things count. I wore my favorite underwear today. I didn’t poop my pants today. I pooped my pants but was able to change my under-roos before my co-workers noticed. I snuggled with my dog. A baby smiled at me at walmart. I was able to get out of bed. Sunshine. Pets. Family. Friends. The fact that you woke up today. You can listen to music. You are able to see. You’re loved.

Smile. Laugh. Live.

Thanks for reading.