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At 28 years old I have had experienced love of the marriage type only one time. Since then I have ventured into the dating world sometimes just dipping my toes in and other times investing entire efforts into it. Regardless, nothing serious has happened in the past four years. I feel doomed to the single life at times. Nothing wrong with that except I will keep getting more and more dogs as the years go on and become that fun old dog lady who lives up the street and the neighbor kids always wonder why she never married.

My greatest fear is never getting married. As you read this you may think I am whinning am too young to think this and I have plenty of time to get married. I should stop worrying. Except this is a real fear to me. The dating world is exactly described like in the movie, “He’s just not that into you” when it is said that you can be rejected by several different medias. HARSH! I have never been the conventional dater and my friends can attest to that. I have relied mainly on online dating because I am a home body most of the time because I lack the energy to get off the couch or am sleeping when not working. Lazy? Nope. Chronic illness of the shitty nature- Crohn’s disease! Hi my name is (insert name here) and I like watching movies, going for short walks, reading, and by the way when I poop I can clear out a house faster than the exterminator! 🙂 lol… I don’t say the last part obviously, but I do laugh in my head and say oh boy wait until he finds out! Anyways, it’s difficult in the dating world now a days adding a chronic illness to the mix of things adds some “extra spice” to the mix.

Each day I get older and another day goes by just me and my dogs. That is okay because I am not going to settle either. I am not going to get married just for the sake of getting married. But I wonder if I could add my dogs as my dependents on my taxes and deduct their vaccinations, vet bills and fur cuts? HaHa.

I have to also add here that I am very career orientated. In order to understand, why I am single, that’s definitely a part of the puzzle. I am not just some toad. Lol- jk of course. I know my self worth 😉 But I have buried myself deep into my career and restoring my health these past few years. And on that journey, I haven’t wasted opportunities to experience relationships I viewed as worthy of having. But at the same time I have a douche magnet somewhere on me that I still need to find.

Until then, my dogs will keep me company! 🙂


Thanks for reading! 🙂