I feel like I need to return to the basics. After last weeks fiasco of having a delayed allergic reaction to Remicade- I need a break from “it” all. As if I can take a break from my disease, but I need to go just go back to the beginning and start over with medications, stress relieving strategies, and diet and lifestyle changes. Right now I think I am way too many medications that are interacting with each other and the medications are not working like they are suppose. So whatever disease processes that are manifesting within me are winning currently. Ineffective stress relieving activities are helping the diseases take over my body and make me lethargic along with my food choice or lack there of. I think I have so many diets or thoughts in my own head, that I cut out a lot of food and was eating practically nothing and drained from having no energy because I was eating nothing.

Now, the dr put me back on prednisone to fix the allergic reaction. I think that’s a good place to be for now. As much as I hate prednisone, I need to gain a little weight and eat and this medicine can help with that. Also, I think whatever is causing the rash on my bum is a secondary infection as a result of taking humira for 2 years. I had to choose happy gut or happy ass? I choose gut but not the rash is getting way worse and I need to get my body under control. SO no new TNF blockers until  this rash is under control. SO for now antibiotics for 2 weeks and probiotics to restore the good bacteria.

Because I am on prednisone, it’s time to eat food and not be too concerned about whether or not it is causing mass lethargy at  this time. OF course, I will stay away from the once that I know cause me immense pain. But for now its about getting the nutrients I need. I will worry about the elimination diets once I get some strength back.

So for now, it’s time to reboot and reset my body.

Thanks for reading 🙂