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So, the first month of eating gluten free, dairy free, and low fiber eating was tough. I was grumpy about 90% of the time I was at the grocery store because I could only eat 10% of the food in the store and I wanted to eat and drink the 90% I couldn’t have. However, as my appetite slowly increased I began to try more and more foods and step away from my comfort zone a little bit (mashed potatoes). I also talked with co-workers who suggested making gluten free noodles with a garlic oil and it’s delicious!

My bowel movements started to get more solid but they bounced around from mush to balls. Not where my holistic doctor would like me to be. She was hoping for me to achieve a solid BM and maintain it. But health is not textbook.

Counter active to my diet changes, my GI prescribed antibiotics for the rash on my rear end. So I called the holistic doctor and she said to double my dose of HMF probiotic. Then at my next apt because of my BMs she changed my probiotics from regular HMF to HMF replete which has a count of like 750 billion bacteria. I refer to it as the super probiotics. I took that for two weeks. BM’s became almost fully solid which has not happened in years! No longer on the antibiotic anymore as well. But the true test is if my body will be able to maintain a solid BM without the replete. So far its been back and forth. But number of BMs has decreased! YAY!

She also asked about the rash on my rear. I stated it is worse. To my surprise that was a good sign my body was starting to heal. She said that my body is trying to push out the toxins and the way it does that is through the skin. Some people may also feel a little crumby as well and feel like its a regression. But this process is called the healing crises. Remember healing is a cycle not a straight line of progress!

Also, she suggested castor oil to put on the rash to help draw toxins out and to help it heal. Soak a rag in castor oil. Then put the rag on a heating pad and sit on it. Put a towel down to catch an oil that may be excess. Sit on it for 20-30 mins each day. She also suggested Epsom salt baths as well. When I both of them in the same day I notice the best results and relief. I also notice a small patch skin growing back. The first sign of progress in 2 years! For more information on castor oil Google castor oil packs. 🙂

To my surprise as well, I noticed positive changes in my energy. I didn’t need 3 hr naps everyday after work, just once in a while towards the end of the week. I also didn’t feel the need to sit constantly either due to fatigue. I am not nearly to the point of where I want t be energy wise, but I am on my way. 🙂

The doctor also pointed out that I am not meeting the requirement of 50 g of protein daily on the MINIMUM. I need the protein to maintain my muscle mass! So more protein! (mostly more fish with low mercury levels! Lol) The good news is I maintained my body weight and did not loose weight!

I was really hoping that she would let me start eating more food. But since my body was still healing as shown by lack of consistent solid BMs- 4 more weeks of low fiber diet. I will always have to be dairy free as people with Crohn’s Disease and Colitis don’t digest dairy; only 10% of people with these disease can. I know I am not one of them. I will still continue to be gluten free as well as I know that wheat bothers me. I was disappointed but I know that it will be worth it!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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