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Let’s talk poop. POOP.

So, Monday marks the 2 months of changing my diet to gluten and dairy free and low fiber with a side of probiotics. My bowel movements have been becoming increasing solid but not to a full size “log” yet. But still progress has been made. I haven’t had a watery stool in a month! Hooray! It’s weird tho to get used to pooping more solid again. I have to sit longer on the “loo ” ( I love that word for toilet) until it’s all out. Unlike when it’s watery and just shoots out. Also, I feel like I have an odd time determining if I got it all out. I guess I am waiting for the pain I have been accustomed to, to let me know that there is some left. But that doesn’t happen a ton as my pain has significantly decreased.

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Also, I still use the facilities at work but haven’t heard any rude comments from coworkers about the stench in the bathroom! The smell must smell more tolerable and less suffocating now that I am starting to fell better and have a healthier body! So, this holistic approach to healing seems like a win-win for everyone!

Thanks for reading! 🙂