I went back for my 3rd visit to the holistic doctor. Everything appears to be on the right track!  My bowel movements are at  what is referred to as “the pencil poop.” Lol. Not where the doctor wants them to be yet, but at least we didn’t have to use activated charcoal to make them solid. So that is a plus. Now we try to add fiber SLOWLY and attempt to see if my body can handle it. How do you do that? By adding 3 leaves of Arugula to a sandwich and see if I tolerate it. Meanwhile not introducing any new foods that day or the next three days. Monitor how I feel and then repeat if all goes well. IF that is tolerated then progress to SMALL bowl of Arugula. The idea is to slowly progress to tolerance of eating a salad. The first step was tolerating the ability to eat a skinned and seeded cucumber. That was a success but I was bored with it because I put in all the effort skin and seed it but was still hungry after snacking on that.

Well, I tried the Arugula and the verdict is… Bloating; not cool. So instead of getting discouraged, I am going take a step back and try one leave of Arugula on a sandwich.

I also discussed eating more fat (yes, I said fat!) in my diet as well. My body is craving some FAT! The suggestion from my doctor is to try avocado on a sandwich instead of mayo. (Miracle Whip contains gluten) IF that goes well I can also add avocado to smoothies as well.

She also asked me on a scale from 1-10 how was my energy level. Initially, on my first visit I said a 2-3. Now I would say 5. I can make it through the work day without trying to CONSTANTLY sit all the time. I don’t nap everyday after work and I have the energy to do more than sit on the couch. I can go to the grocery store with minimal fatigue. Sometimes I have the energy to cook after work. To put this into perspective tho- its a 5 on my scale of energy (a person with a chronic illness). But in comparison to  my healthy peers or the “average Joe”- I would probably have the energy level of a 2.  Progress is being made nonetheless! We also discussed returning to the gym. She said when I can consistently say I feel like an 8/10 then she would feel comfortable with me returning to the gym and I would then benefit from a workout. Because if I went now and all I did was go home and sleep afterwards- then I LOST the benefits of the workout. So until then…

Also, in regards to energy she recommended I take vitamin B complex; 3 times a day. I will know if I have absorbed it if I pee a bright yellow and will know if I am absorbing it in 1-2 days. She gave me 3 days worth to trials. The good news is that it worked! 🙂 I also, have the major part of my colon removed that absorbs vitamin B. However, the rest of the colon does absorb vitamin B to some degree and luckily for me, my colon is absorbing it!

The last thing we discussed is the dreaded ass rash, lol.  She previously asked me to apply castor oil to a rag and then sit on a hot pack for 20-30 mins. She also mentioned taking a Epsom salt bath as well. I tried to do both whenever I could or at least do one per day. The rash is still there just dried up a bit and itchy sometimes- especially at night. The good news is that rash itchiness is a sign of healing. She said to continue with that because it is drying up the rash. When it gets itchy I can add a zinc oxide cream to it (diaper rash cream) which will protect the skin from irritants and zinc will also promote healing, BUT she is not going to add another treatment to the rash just yet because it requires my body to work with the medicine/treatment to heal from the inside out.  RIGHT NOW, my body does NOT have the energy to focus of the healing of the rash. It is expending energy elsewhere. When I am eating more and my calorie count has increased, my body will have more energy for daily functions and healing. So to assist in healing and energy, I am to have at LEAST one smoothie per day.

All in all, I am feeling better. I feel each day more and more like my “old” self. I feel more motivated and try to enjoy each day more than I have in the past. On not so great days, I try to find the good in each day and be appreciative of the small things.  I am in the process of starting a routine of getting up an hour before I have to leave for work to read a daily devotional and then prepare a smoothie for breakfast. I feel the devotional just sets the attitude and positivity for the day knowing that God is there to fight my battles with me. IF you are looking for a quick inspiration of faith each day.  I read Joel Osteen’s daily devotionals- they are short but powerful. I am not much of a morning person, so this is a work in progress.


As always, thanks for reading! 🙂