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Last week I learned my lesson… Moderation. As my holistic doctor let me try white rice (as its naturally gluten free) I went a little crazy with it. That’s not an exaggeration. I had a normal portion of it for dinner Wed. night. Everything went well no pain or bloating so I continue to eat a boil a bag for lunch Thursday and Friday! I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that amount, but did it anyways because it tasted really good. Thursday- I felt the lethargy of the crab load. Friday – I was lethargic and having pain in the gut. It took a few days for my bowel movements to recover.

Therefore, just because our body may tolerate a portion of a food doesn’t mean we should eat massive amounts of it, know matter what it is. Eat one portion and give your body a break. Then return to it again in a few days if need be. Your body may have difficulty breaking down a small portion but may manage. But continuous eating of the same food may cause your body to freak out especially if it is a new food your are introducing.

Thanks for Reading! 🙂