This month has been rough for me all around. I was hoping that with absorbing vitamin B in pill form my energy would boost significant amounts and it would not be long before I was able to return to gym. WRONG. While I did feel a boost in energy, the gym is still a couple months out – if not more. A disappointment to myself because I was to return to my energy I have 3 years ago when I feel I was in my best cardiovascular shape and running is one of my outlets for stress. I need to have a smoothie everyday now, so I need to wash the blender every night. With washing the blender and cooking 4-5/ of the 7 days last week- that kicked my ass! I was so TIRED after that. I know that going to gym would deplete my energy an ruin all the progress I have made up until this point.

It also has been a slow good on the progression of food. My doctor suggest I use 3 leafs of Arugula and but it on my sandwich and start increasing my fiber from there. Well that was too much resulting in bloat city! I tried so hard not to be discouraged. So I waited almost a week and tried again with one leaf. I tolerated that. Then repeated in 3-4 days. I increased to 2 leafs and then three leafs and that is where I am at now. My dad had to remind me to think of how many years it took my body to get “crappy” that its going to take a long time to heal; even though I want my body to heal right now and be back to “normal”!

A good friend reminded me that small steps are still progress. I may want things to advance with my health in giant steps or leaps and bounds- but that may not be possible. Small steps are still progress.

Thank for reading! 🙂