I have no idea if the name of this smoothie already exists or the recipe I am going to provide already exists. But I threw a bunch of ingredients in the blender and hoped for the best and it is delicious and yummy and wanted to share!


Tropical Smile Smoothie by Jacquie

1/2 cup of frozen mango

1 papaya- red meat (skinned and seeded)

1.5 bananas

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1/2 teaspoon of pomegranate powder

Teaspoon of rice protein powder

Teaspoon of coconut yogurt unsweetened


*Papaya and mango are suppose to promote digestion! 🙂

Finished smoothie looks yellow with tinge of orange like picture below! It is 6 am here people, I don’t have time to make mine the way the picture looks! (Picture compliments of Google search! )

untitled (16)