This is great information for those wondering how to manage their IBD a healthy way/understand a root of the problem. Please read!


There is a lot of discussion lately about the microbiome and how it might play a major role in the development of Crohn’s/Colitis. Doctors have always thought that Crohn’s developed first and this caused an imbalance in the microbiome. I personally believe that it is the other way around.  I believe that the microbiome is disturbed by many factors and sets into motion Crohn’s/Colitis and other Autoimmune.

Here is the theory for the sequence:

  • Processed foods/drinks begin to disturb gut flora and cause stomach acid to decrease.
  • The decrease in stomach acid allows harmful bacteria in your food to live past the stomach.
  • Undigested food and bacteria move into the small intestine and create havoc.
  • The individual develops Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth in the small intestine.
  • The immune system launches an attack on this overgrowth creating inflammation.
  • As the cycle continues a severe imbalance occurs and Crohn’s/Colitis sets in.


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