First off, I have to say thank you to all my readers and commenters and “likers” because without you I think I would have lost my sanity. I started my blog in Feb when I was struggling to keep my New Years resolutions: but I managed to complete 50% but only with the support of my friends/family. I didn’t make the plunge of eating better on my own, I wanted too but a friend kept nudging me to go to a naturopathic doctor- and she changed my eating habits! I needed someone else to do it for me! I am an auditory learner- so I learn best when someone is telling me what to do rather than me reading it in a book first. Books reinforce my knowledge later! 🙂 I kicked the soda habit and paid some medical bills! But communicating with the wordpress community has kept me sane. The ability to talk and discuss my feelings, embarrassments, and all other things relevant to people with a chronic illness has provided me hope and stability in my life and I couldn’t be more thankful! SO THANK YOU!

Second, I wanted to return to the gym on a regular basis and dabbled with going at least 1-2 times a week towards September. I was often fatigued and napping after going to the gym.  The only thing I accomplished was further depleting my energy because I NOT storing anything I ate because of the big D (Diarrhea). So I continued to waste my muscle mass to exercise at the gym. Until I saw the naturopathic Doctor.

Third, going to the naturopathic doctor I feel like she gave me the ability to gain my life back vs. going through the motions. We made drastic changes in eating habits in October. I am still eating pretty much the same diet with no new introductions of fiber. (See holistic healing if interested in the diet my doctor prescribed). Although, its been really tough not to indulge in cookies, it has been worth it every step of the way! My energy has increased enough I don’t go to bed at 7 pm and I help cook myself dinner 4/5 work days a week. The prospect of returning to the gym is still far away,

Not all sunshine and rainbows tho: the ass rash still exists, the rash on my legs is SLOWLY fading but still embarrassing to get a pedicure, and my energy is low compared to my peers. My doctor says I am not ready to return to the gym until I am at least an 8/10 most days of the week. I baseline at a 5/10. Running decreases my stress. More stress equals more inflammation. I need to break the cycle so I can run again. Joint pain has went away until I fell on the ice outside last Thursday (I am so graceful- it was Def a 9/10 fall though) but the joint pain is back now. But I may be out of alignment tho- its hard to say. Oh and the smoothie fails. I force myself to drink half of the smoothies I don’t like for calories and for sheer stubbornness to refuse to waste the ingredients.

Cheers to health and happiness! Thanks for reading! 🙂

*photo compliments of Google image search