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I know there is NOT a cure for Crohn’s Disease. But somehow in my head, I thought that the holistic treatment would END my being sick. I guess I was hopeful to say the least. The holistic treatments have definitely improved my quality of life and I have minimal complaints. (My biggest complaint is eating the same stuff since October 2014- and its boring now- And I strongly dislike watching others eat food that tastes good) But today, I took a sick day and I feel like wimp for doing so. My stomach was upset and my muscles ache. I feel them aching and then tensing letting me know that they exist everywhere on my body. I didn’t feel like being miserable at work. I could have sucked it up- but I didn’t. I guess I feel some guilt in that. From the outside world looking in and from myself. Last week was rough for me mentally. I felt depressed again and highly irritable.

Let’s rewind a little bit- last weeks I made the horrible mistake of eating sushi! The raw fish caused immense pain in my gut. I called the holistic doctor and asked if sushi was ok- but the receptionist never relayed the message to her. So I was impatient and ate it without knowing if it was a good choice or not. Sunday morning – 2 days after eating the sushi- horrible stomach pain and the big D for 2 days- she prescribed activated charcoal capsules to take to help and they did. (Since my blog is called the gutwrenchingtruthaboutcrohns- I will tell the truth- I cropped my pants because I couldn’t make it to the bathroom fast enough- I would have had to be sitting on the toilet to prevent that) But I was so disappointed in myself for eating the sushi and causing a regression in my quest for health. I also feel I wiped out all the serotonin in my gut as well contributing to my foul mood.

Regardless, I am going to continue with the holistic medicine route.  (on a side note- the rash is starting to heal! Finally!!! But still got a ways to go- but it’s a start! ) I alsohave to make an appointment with the GI, who keeps calling me, and he will be less than thrilled I am not on any meds. But its my body. So there lol.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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