As a person with Crohn’s Disease my weight fluctuates all the time. I have gone from looking like a skeleton to the prednisone bloat. Right now, I a working on gaining weight and not looking like a skeleton. In the past 5 months I have been able to put on 9 -10 lbs meaning that I am keeping poop in my bowels and maybe a few extra lbs of fat. I disliked my looking like a skeleton and nobody ever saying how scary and frail I was looking. I was down to 128 lbs, for someone who is 5 Ft 9 inches tall and down to a size 5 jeans. Now that I have gained weight, my jeans are getting snug. And although I want to gain weight and look healthy and BE healthy- I still struggle with the fact that my jeans are getting snug and my body is changing, even if it is for the better.

1238075_645452048235_160832530_n Me very skinny (skeleton like)- August 2013 and still skeleton looking until 2015


1927875_511314913895_4854_n A healthier me back in 2007; prob 140 lbs- maybe more and u can’t see my bones and my face is filled out 🙂 – this is what I am trying to get back to- a healthier me.

team challenge me me now. A somewhere in between. I feel still I look frail like in photos. I could Def put on a few more lbs and my doctor agrees as she does not think I am to a healthy wait yet. A work in progress.


So like anyone else-I have struggles with moving towards healthier, but I know its for the better. And once I buy some new jeans that I fall in love with- I know I will feel better about the entire process- I just dislike my old favorite don’t fit right now.

Cheers to health and happiness!

Thanks for reading!