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I struggle with time management and getting everything in that I need too to take care of myself. In the perfect day I am suppose to incorporate the following:

– drink 2 tbsp. Of slippery elm with 2 quarts of boiled water – how do I do this at work to get it all in?

– L-glutamine – do-able but I am slacking

– 1/4 teaspoon with probiotic x 2 a day -I do this

– fiber flow x 2 a day ( I do this)

-vitamin b and adrenal tincture xย 3 a day – I do my best here- its more like 1-2 my memory fails me

– vitamin C x 3 a day – fallen off the bandwagon

On top of meal prep for lunch- which I have doing well at. So I do that at night to prepare for next day.

– also suppository at night – I do that

– protein powder x 2 scoops a day- I don’t do. It is suggested in smoothies but I don’t get up early enough to do and too tired to do at night? Any other suggestions?

– castor oil to rear x 20 -30 min soak- fallen off the band wagon

– Epsom salt bath daily – I do a few times a week

How do I balance working 6 days a week, sanity, and finding the time and energy to fit all this in so I can function like a normal person. I want to feel better and need to try harder. I am envious of those that can eat what they want and don’t put much effort into a comfortable existence.

I am open to suggestions.

Thanks for reading. ๐Ÿ™‚