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I got a certified letter in the mail today indicating that my doctor was going to discharge me as a patient if I didn’t return his phone calls that I have been avoiding. Clearly he knows that I haven’t been taking my medications. I did not get a new PPD for new authorization of Cimzia and I did not get blood work for more 6-mp. I dreaded making the call to tell my GI that I don’t want to be on either they make me feel like crap. So I got on my patient portal and emailed him. I told him that I don’t want to be on either medication. 6MP makes me feel like crap so why do I want to be on more of it to feel worse. I gave Cimzia its fair shot to work and reached a plateau- I am no worse or better from being on it- so why continue. I told him I started with my holistic doctor in October and have been getting better. After 2 years of medications and antibiotics failing to treat the rash on my ass, its finally healing with a change in diet. I said, managing my diet was the missing piece to the puzzle which was preventing me from healing completely. I believe that both modern medicine and holistic medicine have a place on my medical team. I also stated that I still want to keep my appointment at the end of April.

But this also got me thinking. My holistic doctor has taught me a lot about diet and Crohn’s disease in general. She backs up her treatments with research and is always educating me. I can’t say the same for all my doctors. I can’t say when the last time a doctor explained to me why a certain medicine should work and how it works. Its a lot of try this or that or this is new or lets try this old medicine again. I have done a lot of research myself to understand TNF blockers and immunosuppressant.

As much as doctors are knowledgeable a lot them fail to do what they are paid to do: teach their patients about health.

“The word “doctor” is the agentive noun of the Latin verb docere (do-ke-re) which means “to teach”.”- https://baldscientist.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/what-does-the-title-doctor-really-mean/

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