So, I am embarking on a great journey a going to complete the rock and roll half marathon in Dublin (walking) as part of Team Challenge for the CCFA! With that said, our coach said get new shoes that will truly support your feet at a reputable footwear store. NO DICKS, lol! (Our chain sporting good store in America that sells sneakers). Anyways, me being the type A personality that I am, I decided that after work on Friday I was going to go get these new sneakers. I work with a girl who is very active and she made a good recommendation of a local shoe store/athletic store that will analyze the way I walk and provide me with the sneakers that I need. So, I went to this store after work looking disheveled- my hair a mess, make-up smeared, and clothes disarray- typical of how I look after work because I am a physical therapy for children with disabilities.

So, I enter the store and am greeted by this guy who asks me what I am looking for and I explain. So, he says first let’s see what size shoes you should be wearing take off your socks and shoes. By this time, I realized that the shoe store guy is cute and friendly and my feet are not, lol. I had wish I had thought this idea through and wasn’t so impulsive and now my feet without a pedicure and probably need my toenails clipped are exposed. GREAT! Then he asks me to roll up my pants so he can watch me watch walk with iPad and record it! I am freaking out in my head thinking, GOD, please don’t let him touch my legs because I don’t know if I shaved or not! Again, I didn’t think the shoes store idea through! GOD answered my quick prayer and there was not a need for the touching of my calve muscles. Dodged a bullet there.

So by now, he has come back with shoes and is putting them on my feet and explaining how they will support me feet. And my stomach is grumbling because my fiber pills make gassy, very gassy and I am like, SELF- PLEASE DON”T FART! So for the next five minutes that feels like half hour I am trying to keep in the gas! For the sake of everyone in the store, I am squeezing the cheeks together to keep it in because my gas is lethal! Especially if you aren’t used to it! Lol.

I wasn’t able to escape the store without farting tho, unfortunately. As I was checking out some escaped silently. If it was loud, I may have had to yell jet power and leave the store without the shoes. See quote below.

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Thanks for reading! 🙂