As most of my readers know, I am taking a holistic route to treating my Crohn’s Disease. With that said, I have been on a very limited diet since October 2014. It’s been a bumpy road with some setbacks with eating RAW SUSHI and an incidence with clindamycin (an antibiotic NO NO for those with IBD) but I forgot about that and took it after my dentist gave it to me- my mistake.

Now I am recovering from my latest set-back: tap water! I drank tap water unknowingly at a restaurant on Sunday because it didn’t even cross my mind that it might be tap water until it was too late. Monday was awful- food caused me pain all day as well as cramping and diarrhea! Yesterday food bothered me half the day and the other half of the day I slept to recover. Today I feel like garbage and trying to recover my energy and tolerate food so I can return to work tomorrow. This pay period I will be 3.5 days without work and that stresses me out big time because I worry about paying my bills. My mother, although she means well, adds to my stress in that she tells me I need to see a DR or go back to work because she is worried about me losing my job. I have FMLA (family medical leave act). I understand her concern- but how about worrying about my health and worrying about my job second.

Also, social gatherings revolve around food and its usually at these social gatherings that I get myself into trouble by trying to find something to eat or drink that I think is ok. When the fact of the matter is: that I just need to not eat at social functions because IT IS HURTING ME! It sets back my health, makes me miss work so there is a financial burden associated with it, and it takes me that much longer before I can have new food. I have been on the same diet since October 2014- and was suppose to begin to intro new foods months ago but keep getting these set-backs.

And this set-back could not come at a worse time as I have a colonoscopy next week and I want it to show that things have healed. I don’t want it to show inflammation because of I drank stupid tap water full of bacteria. Because of the colonoscopy next week, I can’t take the activated charcoal I would usually take to help absorb the toxic bacteria. And I also very stressed about the prep- in that I will be taking it with water and not the Gatorade I usually take it with because the sugar in that or fake sugar will drive me nuts! So I am worried about making it through that and I am worried about the results.

I also worry about my ability to complete the half marathon in Dublin because of all these set-backs. I will be walking it. I worry about completing it because I have put training on hold for a bit. I worry about eating in Dublin! But it will be devastating to me if I do not go.

I also frustrated because I don’t feel like I can share any of this with my family or friends.

Thanks for reading!