Dear Readers,

I urge you to consider donating to Team Challenge- for Crohn’s Disease and Colitis! On August 2nd, I am completing the half marathon in Dublin as part of Team Challenge! This is an amazing opportunity for myself to complete a challenge I didn’t think would be a reality for me. Four years ago, I cried when I was walking due to the severe flare I was having that was affecting my joints. I will never forget dragging myself to Walmart to get pain medicine to help the agonizing pain only for them to tell me I had to wait at least an hour to get, when I had called earlier to verify it was ready. I practically crawled to my car, then sobbed on couch and debated myself if I could even make it back to the store.  That’s why I grateful everyday that I have been able to train for this half marathon!

Even more so, the cause is why I am doing it! To complete the race with the Team Challenge Team, I needed to raise 4400 dollars, which is not an easy task. Over 80 percent of the funds raised goes to CCFA (Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America!) IF you reach your goal, 100% of proceeds go to CCFA after you reach the 4400 dollars! What does the money go towards?

$30………Provides a one year membership for someone in need
$50………Provides educational brochures to 375 patients
$100……Funds a month of Information Resource Center translation services for all patients
$300……Supports a Camp Oasis camper in need for one day
$500……Covers six months of unlimited online chat support with Patient Information Specialists
$1,000……Will open doors to over 20,000 patients who receive our bathroom access card
$2,500……Sends a child with IBD to Camp Oasis for one week
$5,000……Gives continuing education credit to hundreds of nurses attending our educational teleconferences
$10,000……….Supports the development of Patient Education brochures

My secondary reason for partaking, is getting to meet people in person with Crohn’s and Colitis! I know one person that has Colitis. I am looking forward to meeting more people with these disease and learning from them and developing friendships!

With that said, I don’t know where I would be without the blogging community! I consider many of you friends tho, I haven’t spoken with you in person. We have spoken in the virtual world and you have gotten me many dark times! So thank you! 🙂

Additionally, I would like to ask two things:
1. That you consider donating before or on Monday, July 20th! You can read more about my personal journey and short blog about how training and fundraising have been going @

2. As a part of team challenge, we get to write on the back of jersey the people we are walking in honor of! I would like to add you, my blog readers to the list, if you wanted to be added to my Jersey- please private message me or comment that you would like your name added to the list and write the name – screenname or real name that you would like added to my jersey!

Thank you for the love and support! 🙂 And as always, thanks for reading! 🙂