In June, I got the flu and ever since don’t feel like I have recovered. From then on I struggled to keep a solid BM and abdominal pain slowly started to creep back. A flare was is the making and on August 26th, I landed myself back in the hospital for a flare for 3 days. It didn’t help that I was stressed because I battled and continue to battle with my doctors to complete my FMLA paperwork and for it be completed to the degree where HR would approve it. Needless to say- I am still waiting for my FMLA paperwork to be approved. :/

Anyways, in the hospital my hemoglobin dropped to 6.1 and I needed a blood transfusion of 2 units. My iron levels are awful as well: 2% saturation of iron- normal 20% and ferretin was 1 and normal is around 10. When I left the hospital my hemoglobin was 8.1 when normal for a female is around 11. So it was still not great and I seemed to be the only one severely concerned about this at the time,. I was set-up to start iron infusions for that Thursday but that got delayed because I was in the hospital. The blood transfusion did not help my iron levels much at all. Needless, to say it was scary for me to realize I needed someone’s else blood- 2 someone’s – to get to a normal level, well a low normal. However, I switched my primary doctor back to an old doctor I had in the past who moved back it to town. I am so relieved he and I are on the same page! He is also concerned about my blood levels and will monitor them to his satisfaction- which I like because 8 is still low for hemoglobin in my book and his as well! I think the hematologist is waiting to see if the iron works to boost the hemoglobin levels- but he is gonna check the levels in a month to see if the iron is working or not! He is on board with the holistic treatment as long as I realize that I need medical treatment as well. And my holistic doctor is open to medications when necessary as well. My GI and I still but heads and have a bit of mistrust between us because I took myself off medicines in the past. But I was open about it and he didn’t listen to me when I said 6-MP was making me lethargic. NOW, he is asks multiple questions about my symptoms more in depth and asks me what I am willing to try in regards to meds. We are rebuilding our bond and its taking time. So for now, I will keep him on board.

Because of the flare- I am not back on prednisone- the necessary evil. The flare-up brought me to a new perspective that diet alone will not work to control MY Crohn’s disease. Diet is definitely a piece of the treatment “puzzle”. But diet alone can not stop inflammation from occurring due to stress or other reasons. This is where medication comes in. Diet play a role in this because it can either help control the inflammation or make it worse depending on what I eat. Example: I have been on prednisone on and off for 14 years now, and this time I am on a holistic diet, and this time is the only time I can say my bowel movements are solid. They have not been in the past.

So for me, tomorrow starts Entivyo. I have mixed emotions about it- but I feel it’s for the best. I am hoping I don’t have a reaction to it and that I respond quickly. I have read it can take 10-12 treatments to work and I am impatient lol. Any input on Entiyvo- experiences or otherwise is appreciated!

So – here’s to healing and hoping I am now on the right track to healing!
Thanks for reading!