I forgot how difficult it is to recover from a flare up. I am a little over a month out from my last flare in which I was in the hospital for and tonight I have very similar stomach pains back again. The medications I am on now are entivyo, vitamin b shots, ferraheme (iron infusions) and weening from prednisone. My primary warned me I may have an increased difficult time weening from the prednisone this time because of my history with this medicine and being on it on and off for 14 years. I was hoping he was wrong because I want to be off prednisone as soon as possible. I was feeling pretty good recently minus the joint pain as a side effect from the entivyo. So I did some baking (gluten and dairy free of course). I didn’t eat too much of the apple cider mini muffins I made- but they could be the source of this pain. Also- I went from 25 mg to 20 mg of prednisone yesterday as well. This could mean I need to change my weening schedule as my body is not ready for less yet. :/. Grrrrr

So- I took today’s dose of prednisone early. If I don’t feel better in a few hrs I will take 5 more mg. I also took a pain pill and have a heating pad on my belly. Hoping to maybe poop in the near future and that relieve some of the pain. Fingers crossed because I don’t want to go to the hospital and be stuck there all weekend and even worse start this entire prednisone process again. But if I need to I will. 

Thanks for reading. Until then snuggles with the “fur baby”