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I had a friend once tell me that he did not notice his symptoms of IBD/had no symptoms of IBD while he was playing hockey. I don’t know if he prepares his body (eats “safe” foods, only liquid diet, etc) prior to hockey or not.

But this lead me to think of my own experiences with sports. In high school- I don’t recall my symptoms of IBD acting up during a volleyball game and I didn’t do anything special to prepare for the game. I ate regularly, didn’t eliminate any foods, and didn’t do any laxatives to clean myself out prior (that would have been bad). It may have been the adrenaline rush for the intense pressure from the games that took control of my body at the time. Maybe the blood flow went away from my gut to the rest of the body like in the fight-or-flight response.

However, if I was running for leisure during a workout or training for a 5k- I usually had to poop frequently. It took lots of training to quiet my bowels. I remember having to complete a warm up to get the bowels moving prior to timing my workout. I also remember having accidents one time when feeling “well” (but probably more accurately I was asymptomatic) when sprinting in a humid environment (which my body wasn’t used to). As long as I can remember, I usually always had to go at some point during a run. I learned to find a safe food to eat – usually eggs and a smoothie prior to a 5k.

I recently completed a half marathon, walking, with Team Challenge for CCFA (Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America) and I had the nervous jitters with mild cramping prior to the race. I also tried to go before the race (which is not uncommon). I had only just fruit with bottle water before the race as well (Safe foods). But after the first mile, the cramping subsided and I didn’t feel the need to go at all (even though there were multiple porter potties available to use throughout the race). For most of my training for this race, I found my bowel movements during training were significantly less than in the past. I may have less inflammation during this race in comparison to other previous races.

So my question is: Do other people notice symptoms increase or decrease during sports/activity? Do they do something to prepare the bowels for activity?

Please share thoughts, comments, answers to the proposed questions, or insights. 🙂

Thanks for reading! 🙂