I had a GI appointment this as a follow for a current flare I am going through. In my 15 years of Crohns Disease, I have had my doctor for 13 years. I have ALWAYS seen the dr and not a PA or NP. To be honest, I liked it that way. I liked the consistency of seeing the same person and having one person manage my care. Even though within the past year and a half my doctor and I have had conflicting views on treatment. 

Well, I needed to see someone ASAP and my dr is doing colonoscopies on the day I was scheduled to get in, so I had to see the NP. I was nervous. I didn’t want another person managing me. I have like 10 Drs of different specialities already. 

The NP was a breath of fresh air. She treated me a person and examined my entire body – not just focused on my gut. She also did a review of my chart. She genuinely listened to cornerns. She also was the first person in My GI history to acknowledge that diet DOES play a role in IBD. So overall I was impressed with the NP and she has convinced me that maybe change isn’t a bad thing. 🙂 

Thanks for reading! 🙂