February has been extremely rough for me health wise. I started Feb 1st out at the ER per GI request because of fever and frequent watery BM. She wanted me to go so they could rule out infection. I ended up not having an infection and the diahrea resolved by the end of the week. GI chalked it up to a stomach bug, but it’s the second time this has happened in a two month span. So who knows. 
This week I have been suffering from fevers over 102, intense night sweats, lower abdominal pain and back pain, and extreme nausea. This has been getting progressively work all week, so I had my dad take me to the ER. The doctor gave me pain and nausea meds and sent me home. He only did a urine sample and blood work. This is the most ubsurd thing I have ever heard of in my life! I have never came to the hospital with abdominal pain and not had imaging done to in the least rule out a flare. I asked Dr. DUMBASS, how he knew I wasn’t having a flare and he said because my blood work is fine. I have never known blood work to be the sole diagnosis of a crohns flare. Even my dad spoke up and told him, it’s not the stomach flu she was here for that last week. He disregarded my dads comment. Still feeling miserable and not thinking straight, I agreed to the discharge from the hospital and went home. 

I followed up with my primary and GI the next day. Finally, GI is concerned about the consistent fevers that they are ordering a CT scan for Monday. She is concerned about possible abscess. My primary doctor informed me the blood work done in the ER was basic abdominal pain blood work- not blood work specific to crohns and inflammatory markers. So, he basically tested for nothing. I further read the discharge summary provided to my primary and the DR in the ER states that I described my pain as cramping with is a LIE! He never asked me to describe my pain and it was NOT  

 cramping. So basically the ER doctor had it in his head this was a menstal cramping issue and that’s all and didn’t need to do his job at all. Had he read my chart, he would have seen that I have a history with problematic ovarian cysts in the past. Imaging would be MUST to rule it out. Yep I will be sure that ER doctor NEVER treats me again and I am reporting him to the patient advocate at the hospital. Needless to say, the primary thinks it may be an ovarian cyst. Monday, I hope I find out the answer because I can’t take being miserable much longer. I shouldn’t have to ask a doctor to do his or her job! 

Thanks for reading! 😊

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