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I feel like I have been in this “significant” flare since I was hospitalized for a few days in August 2015. Since then, my doctors have altered my medications several times: starting entyvio, increasing the frequency to 4 week schedule (typically it’s every 8 weeks), and attempting to taper prednisone. Every time I taper prednisone, I last a few days before everything falls to apart: crazy fevers, night sweats, pain, watery stools, accidents, and pressure in the rectum. So I am back on it again- right now I believe that the prednisone is what is working vs. the entyvio. But the GI is still hopeful that the entyvio may still work.

A lot of the issues I am experiencing are pain DURING a bowel movement and the feeling like my bowels are closed shut when I try to have a bowel movement. In my opinion, it is NOT constipation. I think I either have a stricture or massive inflammation that is leaving a small opening for a mushy stool to come through. My GI believes it may be constipation related as he wants me to take MiraLAX to help the issue. (I have not taken any MiraLAX to date.)

I am so frustrate that am not getting better, that I have requested a colonoscopy (it is March 30th) to find out what is going on inside me. Do I know my body as well as I think I do? Or do I need to trust my GI and his medical knowledge and stop questioning his decisions as much as I do?

Until then, the only thing I can do is have FAITH in God that the results of colonoscopy will lead me to a treatment path that will lead me to remission.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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