I am in the ER again with lots of inflammation for another flare. I was having severe pain which felt like a bowel obstruction but it’s not. However, I was admitted for pain management because I am having 9/10 pain and have yet to pass gas. 

In talking to the house doctor, I told him I am having ostomy surgery in November. He oozed with pity as I told him that it will be permanent. (I hope he doesn’t play poker because his emotions are all over his face.) 

I later discussed the conversation with the house doctor with my mom. I told her that I don’t want his pity or anyone else’s. I don’t pity myself and no one else should either. I am ready for the surgery and for it to improve my quality of life. What if I wasn’t ok with the surgery and he pitied me? I would have cried for hours. However- I knew an ostomy was a treatment option 16 years ago when I was diagnosed. Now that I have exhausted all treatments available to me and inflammation still runs rampid in my body- it’s time for surgery. 

Don’t feel sorry for people with ostomies. They are fighters! They are strong! They are beautiful! 😊 

Thanks for reading! 🙂