Yesterday I had my first MRE – like an MRI but you have to drink 3, 16 oz bottles of contrast in 45 minutes. You have to lay on for the MRE on your belly for like a half an hour for the test. That was ok. I had the doctor prescribe a sedative because I didn’t know how claustrophobic I would be or how my anxiety would come into play. The sedative made me relaxed and a little sleepy – which was nice. Laying on my stomach I could see the rest of the room (must have been an open MRI) which made things easier. Had I had to lay on my back, I would have felt like I was stuck in a tube. During the test they give you glucagon through an IV to slow movement of my bowels. They give this to you two times along with a dye. Everything at the testing center went well. However, on the way home I started to sweat perfusely and felt overwhelming nauseous. When I got home I felt like I was going to vomit, extremely weak, and still sweating! I had my mom help me into the house. She made me a sandwich because I hadn’t eaten anything all day. I ate. I put an ice pack on my neck and slept most of the day. I still felt aweful each time I woke up – so I would go back to sleep. It’s something I don’t ever want to experience again. (Not saying that everyone will have this experience, but this was my own experience.)

Thanks for reading 🙂