I went for my pre-op testing at the hospital last week. It was rather simple. All the nurse did was, was have me fill out my medical history, reviewed that I should be using a spirometer daily until surgery to prevent pneumonia and work on lung capacity/breathing, and complete blood work. Overall it took an hour in total from the time I walked in the hospital until the time I walked back to my car. Sometimes doctors may choose to have a chest x-ray and/or EKG completed, but my surgeon did not choose to have me complete these tests.

Yesterday I went to see my holistic doctor prior to having surgery next week because I had concerns in regards to diet/supplement/probiotic changes after my surgery. My holistic doctor had concerns in preventing infection and promoting healing post-surgery.

One of my major concerns was in regards to my diet and if it would be able to change from gluten free and dairy free if I had an ilieostomy or colostomy. She told me if I had an ileostomy my diet would be as it is right now with no change. Additionally, I would not be able to progress any at all in terms of fiber because of the short transit time and potential for blockage. Similarly, I would need to remain gluten free and diary free for both types of ostomies because this surgery is not “curing” me of the disease I have that creates these sensitivities.So even if only “good gut” remains,  if I eat poorly I will end up back in the same boat with lots of inflammation again. I need to take care of my sensitive gut.  She did state that if I had a colostomy though I had a better chance for absorption of my food and my output may be solid; whereas if I had an ileostomy its going to be primarily liquid. With a colostomy I would have the chance to have an increase variety of food in terms of fiber but it would depend on how my “sensitive” gut responds.

She also suggested I take Arnica 30c– one dose sublingual immediately pre-op and every 4 hers post-op until edema, bruising, and surgical pain subside. (8am, 12 pm, 4 pm, 8 pm, 12 am, 4 am, etc) Arnica is a homeopathic medicine used to promote healing.

She also suggested used Arnica 1 M: immediately post-op diluted.

Alternate Ledum 30 c: post-op every 4 hers (opposite Arnica) for 3 days

Additionally she suggested the following 2 weeks pre-op and on me month post-op:

Vitamin A: 1 drop sublingual (to promote the healing of tissues)

Zinc 30 mg  with copper 2 mg : 2 x daily with meals (to avoid nausea) to repair wounds

Vitamin C: to bowel tolerance u to 5 g (not me tho – I would be lucky to get 500 mg). It is needed to make collagen for wound healing

Probiotics: ultra flora and sacromyces boulardii (probiotics are going to be dependent on the person- not everyone will be able to tolerate the same probiotics; however, sacromyces bouldarii – will help prevent c-diff

Vitamin E – only post -op; 400 iu daily at start of meal

*This holistic protocol is provided by a holistic doctor for me specifically. IF you are going to try any of these recommendations please follow under the care of a holistic doctor or physician.

**This protocol is designed by a holistic doctor to promote wound healing and reduce the likelihood and severity of post-op complications such as infection, pain, antibiotic associated diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Protocol provided by Natural Health Choices.

As always, thank you for reading! 🙂

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