Now that I have downed the nasty 3 bottles of prep and the antibiotics the hard part is over… For now. My stomach is cramping a ton and I am sure my nerves are on overflow. 

I have just packed by bags and you would think I am going on vacation to the Bahamas for a week. But a girl needs to be clean and have options for clothes! I need options! 

But tonight is the last night I poop from my butt! Whoo! That’s good bc it’s sore! Lol 

I wanted to share a few pictures of me pre-surgery. 

Prednisone face= moon face 

Thinning hair     
Weird bumps/rashes 

Ultra thin     

Last time my belly will look like this! 

But I am a fighter and this is just a new beginning! 🙂

Thanks for reading! 🙂