Ugly- The day after surgery was an emotional day. I ugly cried and could not hold a conversation without crying without my anti-anxiety medication. I needed it to keep my emotions in check. I couldn’t control the crying and it had nothing to do with pain or body image. It was purely an emotional imbalance. Thank GOD mymom was   there with me to realize I never got my Paxil yet. 

Bad– I then realized did I not receive Paxil but I didn’t get my prednisone either. The nurse told me I should be talking to the doctor about this. I felt like she thought I didn’t inform the doctor of my medications when I know I did. Tears flowing again because I know my body will go into shock without prednisone. The anesthesiologist told me I will need to be on the steroids after surgery to wean off them, not for treatment of the Crohn’s but because I was currently depended on them. You also need to wean off steroids and not stop them cold turkey or your body could go into shock. A fun fact, the anesthesiologist also has Crohn’s. 

Prior to that – the aide was giving me a look like I was inconveniencing her when I rang the call bell. I just had major surgery- show some compassion! I wasn’t asking ridiculous requests- just things like I need more pain meds or my vacuum pump battery is dying. Then there is a resident/ intern who is timid and doesn’t acknowledge that I tell him I still have a significant amount of pain with the pain pump. Keep in mind his bed side manner was not great and I am highly emotional.  

The Good–  I have great nurses at night and during the day. My night nurse is comical and excellent at patient education. He explained the importance of walking after surgery- something I didn’t do the as often as I should the first time I had my bowel respected. I took my first walk yesterday! It was somewhat painful but I completed it and that’s all that matters. Today I took two walks. Friends and family came to visit today which made the day go faster. I finally slept a few hrs last night! Things are looking good- just need my bowel to wake up! Which means I need to pass gas lol! 

Thanks for reading! 🙂 

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