I had my ostomy surgery. I was in the hospital for a total of 5 days! Everything went well and I had my wound vac and stitches removed one week after surgery. The wound vac removal didn’t hurt. The stitches removal hurt some but it was bearable. I was adviced to take my pain meds 1 hour prior to my appointment to help decrease the pain and that DID help! 🙂  All that I have left is jp tube to drain extra fluid from my abdomen. That gets removed this week! 🙂 

I was in surgery for 7.5 hrs and the surgeon was almost able to complete the entire surgery laparoscopically until the end when he found adhesions and had to go in by hand. He went over my old scar from my previous bowel resection in 2008. The scar looks amazing, like a pink pencil line, because I had a wound vac for a week to help with the healing. 

My bladder is still recovering from surgery and having a catheter for 3 days. I think it spasms and causes me to have to go but not empty all the way. In time, it will function again normally. 

The pain from the ostomy surgery and “Barbie butt” surgery (removal of rectum and anus) isn’t terrible. But I think I have decreased sensation in my rear – so I think the pain in my rear probably should be much worse there than I actually feel. But my surgical pain overall is well managed by pain medications. 

Right after surgery in the recovery room I was loopy and in pain and I let everyone know it! Lol. I kept yelling “OW” and “help me” and “nurse” lol. I was obnoxious until I gained more control of my emotions. Once I got into my room I played a prank on my nurse and said “ow you are hurting me” when he was untangling all my cords and not even touching me. He had a good sense of humor and we joked a lot during my hospital stay! He also took the time to tell me the importance of walking for my recovery process! Patient education is very important as I was not told I needed to walk my first vowel surgery. It’s now protocol for bowel surgery! 

To be discharged I had to have a bowel movement, pee without a catheter (and walk to the bathroom), demonstrate that I could empty my bag by myself, tolerate my normal diet (low fiber, low sugar and low residue) and have my pain managed by oral meds. 

Discharge on a Sunday was a little chaotic. My surgeons associate was the doctor who discharged me along with like 5 of his residents. The ostomy nurse and discharge planner weren’t working on Sunday either. So I didn’t know when I was getting my starter kit from hollister- the brand of ostomy supplies the hospital uses. The nurse said she would get me a belt but since she wasn’t there for discharge I didn’t get one. Things just felt very disorganized. I also didn’t know if my home nursing was set up- but my surgeon said they would come on Monday. 

It probably would have been better to be discharged on Monday- but the doctors were pretty adimit on discharging me last Sunday. It was nice to come home and be with my family and fur babies and get some much needed rest, because I wasn’t getting much sleep in the hospital. 

Thanks for reading! 🙂 

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