*me getting used to my ostomy*

I am two weeks post colostomy surgery now. I have had my wound vac, jp drain from abdomen, and stitches removed from my bottom (rectum and anus removed). It’s so freeing to be rid of the jp drain!! Whoo! But the wound on my bottom now requires nursing to come daily to change the dressing and my nurse sees me first thing in the morning- so no sleeping in for now. Bummer!  :/ but she is going to change the order to every other day with an aqueous dressing (I think that’s what she told me today). The wound is about 10 cm long and maybe 3 cm deep. I also complete sitz bath to help keep the wound clean. I love sitz baths they are my new favorite thing since I can’t take an actual bath yet.

I am still getting used to changing my ostomy bag. I am getting quicker at it the more I practice, but the more I eat the more time I spending changing my bag. At times I get frustrated that I feel like all I do is eat, sleep and change my bag. But life prior was eat, sleep, and poop so it’s really no different except I am in a lot less pain and I am not crapping my pants! WIN!

I have as noticed that I have consistent BMs after breakfast and at night while I am sleeping. I was told with a colostomy I would develop a pattern of when I would go. This may or may not be my pattern- it may be too early to tell.

The surgical pain is getting better everyday. My physical endurance has definitely taken a hit. If I walk 2/3 mile – my ass is kicked for the next day or so. So I am going to try to reduce that to 1/2 a mile and see if that manageable because 1/3 I can tolerate fine. I walk every other day right now. If my body is too tired, I listen, and skip a day. 

My mom is changing my wafer and my bag still. That is okay! (As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day)  But next week my nurse is going to have me do it. I think I am ready for the challenge. I have already transitioned to preparing the sitz bath for myself and Saran wrapping my bag for the shower myself as well! #adultingwithanostomy lol

It’s the little things that show progress.

In the mean time, reality TV and adult coloring have kept me occupied!

Until next time.  🙂 
Thanks for reading! 🙂

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