I had my ostomy surgery 3 weeks ago today. I am happy to report that I am doing well. I am sore and get tired easily with simple tasks, but I am getting stronger everyday! I still have an open wound on my bottom that my home nurse comes and treats 3 times a week. I just got my wound supplies today to pack it with aquagel (a silver dressing) to promote healing! Hooray!

I am still getting used to having my ostomy. My biggest issue is that I want it to be discrete when I am out in public. I have been out running errands with my mom a few times to get back into a routine of things, get things I need, move around, etc.

One of the things I use to help keep my bag discrete under my clothes is a bandeau tube top bra over the top of my bag. It works pretty well and it’s affordable. (Click here to check them out Bandeau bra)

Also, to increase my overall confidence in public I need to feel good about the rest of myself. If I feel good about the rest of me- I will forget I have a bag or at least minimize its effect on my confidence. My mom knows this and she took my to get my a manicure and pedicure last week. This made me happy and I definitely felt more confident in myself after I had my nails painted . I love getting my nails done but I also love bonding with my mom! Double bonus! My best friend also got me a birch box subscription (5 beauty samples a month) for my birthday and I love it! I feel like “old me” when I would take pride in my looks and take the time to take care of my skin and do my make-up on a regular basis. So I love trialling these new samples and taking care of my skin again.  Looking good and putting in effort in my make-up and clothing choices makes me feel confident and almost forgot about my bag. As my confidence grows with everything else, I will only get more confident with myself and my bag. It’s all about feeling good about yourself – so do things that make you happy and take care of yourself in all aspects. During my recovery time I also want to complete more meditation to have a more sound mind as well. Right now I have found adult coloring to be relaxing and soothing which really helps in the healing process.

Looking to build confidence as well?

  • Find what makes you happy.  Add it to your daily schedule-even if just for a few minutes. (As weeks go on you can add more time for “happy” activities as your schedule allows.
  • Take pride in yourself because you are worth it!
  • Complete self-care to build confidence in yourself! You rock and you deserve it!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

*photo compliments of Google image search