Initially when I got my ostomy- I had to sponge bathe because of my wound vac and drain. Once the drain and wound vac were removed I could shower. At first- I kept my bag on but covered it with clear wrap but the bag sti got wet. Coloplast bags seemed to repel water better than hollister bags. I had to blow dry hollister bags after a shower. Either way, I still had to wash under the clear wrap after the shower. Showering became a lot of work.

Today I did something I consider courageous- I showered naked without my bag! It was glorious just like the good old days, lol! But it was so nice to just have all my skin clean. I love being clean! There is a fear that your stoma will dump poop in the shower- but your in the shower so you can just keep cleaning up! I didn’t have that problem today. I am sure I will at some point. But I am def going to keep showering without my bag, it’s freeing! Whoo!

How do you shower with your ostomy?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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