I feel like a lot of my IBD friends are having issues this week, including myself. 

One of them is in the hospital for a flare- in which she hasn’t had a flare in a long time. 

Another is in the hospital and might need surgery, again. She’s in the hospital every 4 months it seems. Her body can’t find homeostasis. They might be bumping up her surgery from a few months from now to really soon.

Another friend is suppose to have a reversal surgery next week- but she went for a scope yesterday only to learn that the Drs want to wait– she needs to be put on a medicine that she was on before surgery but the Drs told her to stop taking but now want her back on. Completely heart breaking as she had her heart set on the reversal. 

And I am having mysterious stomach pain. It’s sharp and I am having output still. No nausea or vomiting. But the pain is sharp. Today is day 2 of this pain. I hope it’s not a flare. Boo.

What is in the air that is making having IBD difficult this week? 

Thanks for reading! 🙂 

*photo compliments of google image search